What is a standing seam metal roof?

What is a standing seam metal roof?

What is a standing seam metal roof

Have you ever heard a builder using a statement like ‘water always wins’? these were the times before the introduction of the standing seam metal roof. Metal roofs provide the best protection against rot, fire, wind, and even rain. If you are looking for affordable roofing materials that are energy efficient and more durable, the most cost-effective option is the standing seam metal roof. The roofing system will last you for more than 50 years and calls for little to no maintenance.

What is the Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing seam metal roofs have metallic panels that run vertically. Every panel comes with two seams that stand up vertically hence informing its name. The seams are crimped together to seal the joints and block the collection of moisture and water on the surface hence causing a leakage. To install these panels, you have to use panels to attach them from underneath. These clips allow the contraction and expansion of the metal according to the outdoor temperatures.

Why Metal Roofs?

To be precise, metal roofing is the most durable material that is available on the market. It is a long-lasting roofing option that is much cheaper in the long run when you compare it with the other roofing materials. It is easy for these materials to last longer than their warranties. A typical metal roofing warranty is 50 years and most of such roofs have been standing on buildings for more than a century without any major issues.

What is Their Appearance

Metal roofing was thought to have an ugly look. These roofs were shiny, bright, and stood out like a sore thumb. There was a time when people would consider them to be barnyard roofing systems only. As we speak, manufacturers have now developed so many finishes that have a much better look in modern-day home designs. You will get these roofs in almost any color and select from a broad range of finishes to avoid the high-gloss glare. You can even get metal roofs that resemble the other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and cedar shakes. You will also find the distressed-look metal roofing that has an irregular pattern to work perfectly in hail-prone regions because it will not display and dings or dents.

What About the Value

Metal roofs are durable and hence they add a lot of value to your home. Most insurance companies give property owners who have installed metal roofing properly some discount because they have lower exposure to risk.

The other thing that makes standing seam metal roofs add value is the fact that they are energy efficient. These roofs tend to reduce the summer cooling costs significantly. The reason is that they reflect the rays from the sun and block heat transmission. Some of them have enhanced reflective coatings to improve their reflective abilities further.

The standing seam metal roofs offer all the above benefits but at a reduced cost of buying and installation. The good news is that you can install them on top of existing asphalt shingles and hence there is no need to tear off the old roof. Therefore, standing seam metal roofing is the best way to go if you want efficient, durable, and low-cost roofing.